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Senior Java Developer (m/f/d)
Aktualität: 22.07.2021


22.07.2021, "HR Premium Select" eine Marke der Venwa GmbH
Senior Java Developer (m/f/d)
We need developers to work on our Java SE-based software.
There's one requirement we care about most: you enjoy coding. The other things we're interested in: You pay attention to detail. You have experience with Java SE. "synchronized" isn't a type of swimming for you. You can show us some code you've written in the past. We don't want to see your employer's missile guidance system - ideally, you've written something in your spare time that you can show us. You know what a profiler is and how to use it. Those microsecond latencies don't get that way by themselves. You write your code, comments and commit messages in English.