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Expert Aircraft Performance & Navigation (m­­/­­f­­/­­x) 11.07.2024 Aerologic GmbH Schkeuditz
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Expert Aircraft Performance & Navigation (m/f/x)
Aktualität: 11.07.2024


11.07.2024, Aerologic GmbH
Expert Aircraft Performance & Navigation (m/f/x)
Assist the Flight Operations Support department on route optimization, aircraft performance analysis and flight planning system administration to constantly improve efficiency of current flight operations Ensuring that all aircraft related performance and dispatch services are in compliance with the rules and regulations including manufacture supplied data Determine the suitability of airports in respect of their physical characteristics, ground movement areas and obstacle clearances Obtaining and calculating route data such as flight and block times, fuel consumptions and traffic rights Evaluating, assessing and validating aircraft performance data and ensuring flight crews use up-to-date data for take-off, enroute and landing Support the Teamlead Flight Operations Support in post-flight analysis, verifying navigation charges, managing the content of the Route Manual, navigational database and EFB, and maintaining the flight planning system Liaise with aviation authorities and other internal departments
Bachelor's degree in engineering, an aviation-related curriculum, or equivalent combination of education and experience Dispatch Licence is a benefit or at least 3 years of proven practical experience in flight operations Good experience in an airline operations environment Strong knowledge in aircraft performance (aircraft & engine performance, flight physics, aerodynamics) and navigation Knowledge in all ground and flight operations procedures Knowledge in legal airline regulations (e.g. EU-OPS, standard IATA/ICAO rules) Notice of aircraft related technical documentations (HIL, MEL, MMEL) Competence in standard IT systems (MS Office etc.) and airline based IT systems such as LidoFlight Fluent spoken and written German and English